All Inclusive Bills


Rates for academic year 2023-2024 to be confirmed

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- Included: Gas, Electricity, Water, Waste Water, TV Licence (whole property), Phone Line, broadband / WiFi

·  No more worrying about how much bills will cost, or any nasty final bills at the end of the year!

·  No more domestics whilst chasing your Housemates for money!

·  No more arguments with housemates about having to pay large heating bills if you turn the heating on, you will just be snug and warm while you study!

·  No more worrying about who organises which bill, and who pays which bill ...or what to do if they don’t! It’ll be a relief for the one person who would be picked to sort out the bills and to try and collect everybody’s share of the bills as they arrive throughout the year!

·  No more meter readings to take, we’ll do that for you.

·  Move in and have the tv licence set up, and the WiFi up and running – just unpack and start surfing online straight away!

·  All Inclusive Bills Package bolt-ons allow you to know in advance the price of your own individual outgoings, giving you more control over your personal expenditure. If parents are paying, if gives the peace of mind of a fixed payment, and an easy payment method.​

What's included?

GAS & ELECTRICITY (subject to fair use policy)

WATER & SEWERAGE / WASTE WATER (subject to fair use policy)

All our broadbands are Fibre connections, and come with Unlimited usage, and WiFi.

Smart TV